Frequently Asked Questions

Is there something that you been wanting to know but have been afraid to ask? We’ve got a lot of answers right here for you. In addition when you book with The Naughty Traveler you will receive a detailed package with tons of additional information in the weeks before your trip. If you don’t find the answers you're looking for, contact us and let’s see if we can help.

Why should I book with your group instead of booking with Hedonism II directly?
There are several reasons that a guest should book with our group for their vacation experience.

    1. Better Rates. Because we book blocks of rooms directly with the resort, we are able to obtain a significant discount that we pass along to you. Booking with our group almost always ensures that you are paying less than the published Hedonism II rates.
    2. Additional Amenities. As part of The Naughty Traveler group, you will be entitled to additional amenities that are included with your stay. These include access to special events, such as wine tastings, private receptions, special excursions or erotic photography (depending on the week that you book), as well as our exclusive super fun swag.
    3. Instant Friends and a Personal Touch. As part of our group, you will never feel alone at the resort. We are there to guide you through the Hedo experience. When you join The Naughty Traveler you will be sure to make new connections that will last a lifetime, because our goal is to help you experience a vacation you will never forget.

What is included and not included in the package price?
Included: Your hotel room and full access to the resort. All meals, from tantalizing breakfast buffets to sumptuous dinner feasts and even late night snacks. It's all you can eat, all the time. All drinks, from soft drinks to top-shelf premium brands. All provided land and non-motorized watersports, including professional instruction and top-of-the-line equipment including scuba gear and boat dives (C-card required for scuba). All hotel taxes and resort staff gratuities are covered. Nightly entertainment, the sexiest theme nights, daily games and invitations to all our private events as well as our exclusive super fun swag.

Not Included: Airfare to Jamaica, transfers to and from Montego Bay Airport, spa treatments and off property excursions. Tips for Airport Baggage Handlers and Taxi Driver.

We want to arrive 2 days before your week and stay a day or two afterwards. Can we still book with you and get the same price?
Yes. We have our group prices extended 3 nights prior to and after the official group dates. Many guests, especially repeat guests, occasionally stay for 12 or even 14 nights. For those who book for an extended period, we require permission from management to accommodate our prices for the entire stay. For those guests who can stay only a few nights, the same pricing structure exists.

Tell me what the rooms are like?
Rooms are fairly basic. They are clean, comfortable but relatively small. There is so much to do and experience at Hedonism II that most guests do not spend too much time in their rooms, but do not expect the Four Seasons.

Do I have to be nude when walking around the resort?
No. You can walk anywhere on property and you do NOT have to be nude, however, if you wish to stay at the nude beach, nude pool and hot tub area, then au natural is required. Clothing is required in the common areas.

Are there a lot of single men hitting on all the women?
The resort is generally around 95% couples except for a few select weeks each year. Those who happen to be there are usually very nice and respectful. They're happy and some can be very nice and fun to hang around. Can a single guy hit on the ladies occasionally? Absolutely, like anywhere else, but the vast majority of the time a simple no thank you is all that is required.

I am a single who would like to attend. Do you have special prices?
Singles are charged 150% of the per person rate during the winter months and 120% during the off peak season but you will have guaranteed your own room. There are also 3 for the price of 2 and 4 for the price of 3 women's special. Contact us for details.

I have decided I would like to join one of your weeks, how do I go about booking the vacation?
There are two ways: You can call us at (929) 464-SEXY (929-464-7399), or fill out the Reservations form on the site and submit it to us. The most important thing to remember is your passport. If you do not have one make sure that you apply for one in plenty of time, as it could take up to a month or longer to get it unless you pay for rush processing. Make sure that if you do have a passport, check and make sure it DOES NOT expire within 6 months of the return date of travel. For more information about other countries entry and exit requirements go to: Passport Information

Can I book reservations directly through the resort or another travel agency?
You must book your reservations only through this website or by calling us at (929) 464-SEXY (7399), to be a part of our events. Do not book directly through the resort, or through another travel agency, because if you book anywhere else you will not be a part of the The Naughty Traveler Group and our additional activites and amenities. Our group has made a significant effort in the marketing of this website, the events, and the added entertainment we provide. This is why we require that the reservations are placed only through this website.

How old do you have to be to stay at Hedonism II and what is the drinking age in Jamaica?
18 years old is the drinking age in Jamaica and 18 is the minimum age for Hedonism II Resort. Although most of our groups have a minimum age requirement of 21.

Do most of the people in the nude beach area look like models?
Absolutely not. There are all shapes, sizes and ages of people. At Hedonism II everyone is so open-minded and friendly that you forget you are even naked.

How do I participate on theme nights?
Theme nights at Hedonism II are where you get dressed up to party in flirty and sexy costumes and outfits each night. A good example is Sunday Naughty School Girl which is also one of the most popular themes. Check The Naughty Traveler website for changes and updates for each groups activities. Also ladies just so you know most all of us do get dressed up for it, so make sure you prepare for the themes because you don’t want to feel left out. For the men, you are more than welcome to dress up but it’s not as necessary as it is for the ladies.

I have never been to Hedonism II, what should I bring besides the outfits for the nightly themes?
The answer to this question is simple "less is more", since you're at a nudist resort you won't need a lot. In your room, Hedonism already supplies you with soap and body wash, shampoo and a hair dryer. You will also want to bring swimsuits because there are things that you need them for such as walking the beach past other resorts, kayaking, snorkeling and if you plan to have lunch in the dining area. You don't need to worry about bringing dress clothes for the men such as dress shoes, dress pants and ties, but the ladies may want to bring sexy dresses for dinner. It's not mandatory but some ladies like to dress for dinner. All you really need is your workout clothes if you plan on using the gym, swimsuits and maybe a swimsuit cover for the ladies. As far as what regular clothes you should bring, think nice but laid back such as sandals, shorts and short sleeve shirts and etc. You are on vacation after all not a business trip. And most important don't forget your outfits for theme nights.

I'm kind of nervous and don't know what to really expect out of the group.
There is nothing to be nervous about. Everyone we have ever encountered at Hedonism 2 are respectful to one another, so there is no pressure to do anything you don't want to do. If you come just to observe what the whole lifestyle is about then that's fine. If you want to try out the lifestyle that's fine also. It's your vacation, so do whatever you want.

Do I have to swing to attend The Naughty Traveler Event's?
NO! You do not have to swing to attend The Naughty Traveler events or other lifestyle events. Many people attend who are just curious and want to maybe try experimenting. They know at these types of parties you can wear really sexy outfits, or they like to party with swingers because we "REALLY" know how to party and are very open-minded people. The Naughty Traveler events at Hedo in are a good example. We have many people contacting us with questions of concern since they were young and never had even been to Hedonism before, therefore they did not want to be pushed into anything they did not want to do. We would always explain to them that the veterans who are in the lifestyle that their first priority is to meet new people, hang out, make new friends, and if something "happens it happens". It’s kind of like the unwritten code of swinger ethic "Don't make anyone do anything they don't want to do". During the event many of the new people who were unsure if they even wanted to "play with others" came to me and would say "you're right no one pressured me to do anything". They also told me they would be back year after year because they had so much fun, and that they would probably be ready to play around a little more now that they were around the whole atmosphere for an entire week. Plus, they made new friends they can’t wait to see again. In fact, several of them ended up swinging for the first time. The misconception about swingers is that when they get together they all get in a mosh pit and just "DO" whoever and whatever they want. Sometimes that can happen, but in general people in the lifestyle also get together just to hang out, have cookouts, travel, celebrate occasions, and they can even have family type fun when they get together with their families.

How much money should I bring?
You could actually get away with only bringing a few dollars to tip the driver who brings you from the airport to the resort. Other than that there is no other tipping necessary. The resort is all inclusive, so there is no paying for food or drinks. There are services that you may want to purchase such as massages, scuba diving, or the catamaran ride to the caves and Rick's Cafe (none of which are necessary). You may also want to purchase some souvenirs in the gift shop. There is really no shopping or dinning at other restaurants and stuff outside of the resort, as a matter of fact most people never leave the resort grounds.

What happens when I arrive at the resort?
You will be greeted by a member of The Naughty Traveler team. We will have you fill out some paperwork and assign you your room. Next, one of the resort staff members will help you with your bags and guide you to your room. Once you have settled into your room, hurry up and start exploring the resort, so you can enjoy yourself with a drink and food from the grill that's right at the pool, and have good conversation with the other guests.

What if I get there and decide I'm not quite ready yet to take off my swim suit?
There are many locations throughout the resort that you can enjoy fully clothed, so no need to worry about being nude. There is an entire side of the resort called the "prude side" where people wear swim suits, however, some ladies go topless on that side. The prude side has the same things as the nude side such as a pool beach access and a grill. However it is mandatory that you are undressed at the nude beach and nude pool.

What kind of entertainment is there?
The wonderful entertainment staff frequently comes up with fun games and friendly competitions throughout the day which are normally held at the nude pool, along with music. After dinner, they have different performances, singers and shows. Following the after dinner entertainment you can go to the piano bar and have a sing along or hang out and talk, or you can go to the disco club where there is a dj, stripper pole, and a bar. Later people like to gather at the nude side hot tub or the Romping Shop Playroom for more fun.